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My apologies, haven't updated this page in awhile...have been in the studio with a new project called "Magic Boys" and we're just finishing up mixes with the one and only Ken Rich at Grand Street Recording, my new favorite recording studio! The material is sounding great. Also working on a distribution deal to finally unleash the Sm4sP material out into the world! More info on that coming soon.

I have also been hired to compose for another NYU Mainstage Production for the Fall; "Measure for Measure" being directed by Daniel Spector who is certainly a director to be on the lookout for (he's the Charlie Kaufman of Shakespeare). It's going to be a different kind of project for me; this time I will be the lead composer working with two of the students (wonder who's going to teach who?).

I'm also in the process of putting some music together for a documentary I'll be scoring. More details on that shortly as well.

and finally, "the Carousel" had a bunch of radio adds and plays and I'm finally working on some dates for the fall (slowly but surely). Back 'atcha shortly!


Araby just finished it's run at the Fringe....some nice reviews ...check 'em out...First one in the Broadway Journal. "It’s just… there’s something there, you know? The kernel of something great, a seed....I can’t imagine what will happen with Araby next, but I hope for so much more. ...Carlos Ponton and Nancy Magarill are giving standout performances." Also a review from (picpic of Marlon and me - and my Jennifer Aniston hair! - from the Dixon Place performances)

Big thanks to all of you who have contributed to the making of the new record. I am so grateful to you and can't wait to finish and get it in your hot little hands!!! I'm in the process of cutting vocals and Daniel and I will be tracking piano and other things this week....and mixing at the end of the month! In the meantime, I will be performing in Araby at the Firinge so come check it out if you're in the new York area! In the meantime, enjoy the demo of "Damn Boy" until the real thing comes out!
CHECK out this Write Up from Mary Leary at San Diego Entertainment Magazine "Pretty big girl Balls", is my favorite quote...
Wanna share some Press on this sweet Record I'm a Party to from the very very Beatles Inspired band (and truly in a good way), Bookshop & Gallery

Love these guys; they are all so sweet and generous and I'm so Happy to call them my friends and now collaborators. check out this sweet Tune we Collaborated on and I'm singing on: "tonight, or let's Wait for Awhile" if you like it, it can be purchased on Itunes and Other outlets online

and here's some press on the record (hope you read Italian!)

article 1

article 2
article 3
Dave Eggar and I scored Mark Jackson"s Feature "Without" that Premiered be at Slamdance January 2011 and got some sweet reviews!

Italian band, Bookshop & Gallery remixes "Dirty Old Man" Check out this trip-hip Psychedelic Rockin' Remix now available on

"Down below the Rodeo" and "Dancin with the Ghosts" are available @ iTunes, CDbaby and

and take a listen to TARINA the new pop/soul/rnb artist Nancy is producing and collaborating with (an awesome cover of Nancy's song "I AM" is available on the EP) also available on itunes and CDbaby

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