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Workng on launching a new project "the Listening Bus"....stay tuned....
in the meantime check out the music!

Pick up "The Carousel" on iTunes, CDBaby, or here   Check out some samples from the Magic Boys; a new project that I have with April White. and go to our FB page and show some love!

What they're saying about "the Carousel"

"Magarill fluctuates between tender and fiery tracks that diverge from the ordinary, giving an intimate look to listeners. Highlights on the album include a honeyed, mellow introduction that displays Magarill’s soft singing in “Boom.” “Glass” is an infusion of strings and delicate harmonization that sounds like a lullaby. “I am not a Monster” is a punchy ode to the female identity, and “The Carousel” blends sensual vocals with somber lyrics." "it makes for a strong contribution in a musical era dominated by pop and hip-hop." Aimee Mandel, iSpy magazine

"...another compelling release that you certainly don’t want to miss." "Nancy Magarill is an artist. She doesn’t do contests or reality shows, and has no need for fixing it in the mix. Everything she says, sings and thinks is a statement. As it should be." David Malachoswki, The Daily Freeman

"Magarill knows how to spice up a track" "Where Are All The Beautiful People?, with its driving dry drum sound, is the kind of song you want to hear in movies like Little Miss Sunshine or Burn After Reading. The stand-out track is Falling, a mash-up of poetry read by David Barnes, dance, and come-hither vocals wrapped in a luscious string arrangement. The Carousel is an apt title for a musical joy-ride." Here Comes the Flood

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